Future Ride by Peter Wayner

Future Ride is a short book that explores all of the ways that the world will change when autonomous cars become common. Each of the 80 short chapters is devoted to one part of the world that will be remade, redesigned and reimagined when cars arrive that can drive themselves.

Some of the changes will be obvious. Commuters will get a gift of hundreds if not thousands of minutes each week that they can use to read, chat, primp or snooze. People at bars won't need to worry about driving after drinking alcohol.

But the secondary and tertiary changes will be even more dramatic. We'll devote much less real estate to parking spaces because the cars will be on the move giving others a ride. Cities and suburbs will be able to reuse this space for parks, storage, bigger offices or larger homes. Convenience stores and corner gas stations will disappear and alternative fuels will become more common.

The book works through 80 different ways that the world will change to give us all a chance to plan and begin to imagine a better world.